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Diabetic Eye Care in Virginia Beach

If you have diabetes, you may not know that it can cause damage to your eyes. Most people who have diabetes are unaware of any damage to their eyes until they visit the eye doctor.

Diabetes can damage your retina's small blood vessels, located in the back of your eye. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy, which is a leading cause of vision impairment in adults. Diabetes also increases your risk of glaucoma, cataracts, and other problems with your eyes.

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Scheduled Eye Exams

Dr. Delianides specializes in optical care for diabetics. We will perform the necessary eye exams to catch and manage any issues that might be caused by diabetes. The exam may include:

  • Dilating the eyes and viewing the entire retina
  • Taking images of the retina
  • General eye exam

If you have diabetes, you should have at least one eye exam every year. The frequency of your scheduled exams may increase depending on the health of the retina and how well your blood sugar is controlled.

How to Help Prevent Eye Problems Caused by Diabetes

High blood sugar can also cause blurred vision that is not associated with diabetic retinopathy. This type of blurred vision is caused by having too much sugar and water in the lens of the eye. Some ways to help prevent optical issues are:

  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Controlling cholesterol levels
  • Controlling sugar levels
  • Stopping the use of tobacco 
  • Limiting actives that strain the eyes

At Home Care

For people with diabetes, the combination of nerve problems and poor vision can increase the risk of injury. To help reduce these risks take your medication as prescribed, use glasses or magnifying glass to read, and avoid small print or activities that strain the eyes. 

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